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  Day of the Dead

Dia de Muertos Altar

A Day of the Dead Story: Those Good Old November Days

I hold close to my heart and in my soul those good old days of November when I, as a child, and would help my abuelita ,grandmother, commemorate our loved ones who had passed away. Beginning in October I would ask: - “Abuelita, when will we go to the market to buy the papel picado"(paper with c... Read More

  Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead Calavera

Day of the Dead Teacher Suggested Activities

This space is intended for the exchange of classroom activities, projects and ideas for the Day of the Dead, submitted by teachers. We sincerely thank all the teachers that have sent in their ideas! Every year, we assign our Spanish 2 students (with a partner) to create an ofrenda in dedication t... Read More

  Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead Sayings

¡Adivina Adivinador! Day of the Dead Sayings

Hay más tiempo que vida There is more time than life. Hierba mala nunca muere. Bad weed never dies. Se me subió el muerto. The deceased climbed on me!  Which means: “It really scared me!” Ya ni en la paz de los sepulcros creo. I don’t even believe in the peace of the tombs anymore.... Read More

  Day of the Dead

Teaching in Mexico

Teaching in Mexico…. Halloween and Day of the Dead

Halloween, as it is celebrated in the United States, is a holiday, which derived from the Druids, a learned and priestly class that existed in Roman times.  Little is known about these people except that they were an elaborate political and religious organization, and that they worshiped many gods... Read More

  Day of the Dead


Make a Day of the Dead Skeleton Puppet

____________________________________________________ Click on the pictures to enlarge. Then print each one. Cut the parts of the skeleton. Punch holes where directed, and join the head, arms, hands, legs and feet. Join together and fasten with thread passed through the holes and knotted ... Read More

  Day of the Dead

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La Llorona Una Mujer Muchas Historias

English La víspera de la conquista de México-Tenochtitlan por Hernán Cortés y su ejército español, estuvo plagada de presagios que Miguel León Portilla enumera en el libro Visión de los vencidos. Basado en códices y memorias de ese periodo, Portilla describe a una mujer, a quien los mex... Read More
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