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  Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead El Dia de Muertos

Day of the Dead – El Dia de Muertos

Day of the Dead: Celebration, History & Origins  From the beginning of time, man has felt the need to explain the mystery of life and death.  Many civilizations and cultures have created rituals to try and give meaning to  human existence. ·  Where do we come from? ·  Why does life end... Read More

  Day of the Dead

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La Llorona One Woman, Many Stories

Spanish The eve of the conquest of Mexico -Tenochtitlan by Hernan Cortes and his Spanish army was plagued by omens that Miguel Leon–Portilla enumerates in his book, “Broken Spears: The Aztec Account of the Conquest of Mexico”. Based on codices as well as from memories of the period, Porti... Read More

  Day of the Dead

The Day of the Dead Celebration

  Day of the Dead


La Llorona A five-century-old lamentation

Read in Spanish “They say that a crazy weeping woman appears in a street near the high school/ That she dances the twist and rock‘ n roll; that she dances rock‘ n roll and the twist, and if you look at her you’ll go completely mad…” Los Gliders, 1961 For over 500 years and eve... Read More

  Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead Calavera

Day of the Dead Teacher Suggested Activities

This space is intended for the exchange of classroom activities, projects and ideas for the Day of the Dead, submitted by teachers. We sincerely thank all the teachers that have sent in their ideas! Every year, we assign our Spanish 2 students (with a partner) to create an ofrenda in dedication t... Read More

  Day of the Dead

Dia de Muertos Altar

A Day of the Dead Story: Those Good Old November Days

I hold close to my heart and in my soul those good old days of November when I, as a child, and would help my abuelita ,grandmother, commemorate our loved ones who had passed away. Beginning in October I would ask: - “Abuelita, when will we go to the market to buy the papel picado"(paper with c... Read More
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