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  Other Flags

The Spanish Flag

Colors: Red, Weld Yellow The Spanish Flag is also known as la Rojigualda, roji - rojo- for red and gualda for the plant that tints a golden yellow. The Spanish flag has a  yellow central stripe which is double the width of the two red stripes. The Spanish flag used to be predominantly wh... Read More

  Other Flags

The Flag of Ecuador

Yellow Stripe: Gold & Rich National Resources Blue Stripe:  Oceans & Sky Red Stripe: Blood of the Heroes The flag of Ecuador was first adopted on September 26, 1860. In 1900 the coat of arms was added to the center of the flag.  The design of the flag is very similar to that of... Read More

  Other Flags

The Flag of Chile

Blue: Pacific Ocean and Sky White:  Snow covered Andes Red:  The blood of the Independence heroe Star: Guide to progress and honor The Flag of Chile is also known as  La Estrella Solitaria, The Lone Star. The inclusion of the star goes back to the star used by the Mapuches.Mapuches ... Read More

  Other Flags

The Flag of Venezuela

Yellow: Rich natural resources Blue:  The Caribbean Sea Red:  The blood of the Independence heroes Stars: 7 Provinces that signed the Independence Act + Guyana The Venezuelan Flag has three stripes. On the blue stripe there are eight stars that symbolize the 7 provinces that signed ... Read More

  Other Flags

The Flag of Nicaragua

Blue: Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean White: Purity , Peace and Integrity The flag of Nicaragua, first adopted on September 4, 1908, has three horizontal stripes. The blue stripes of the flag represent the two oceans that border Central America, the Atlantic and the Pacific. The centra... Read More

  Other Flags

The Flag of Peru

Red: The blood of the heroes White : Peace Freedom and Justice The flag of Peru was adopted on March 7, 1825.   The Peruvian flag has three vertical stripes of equal dimensions. Two red stripes border the central white band.  The red ones represent the blood of the Incas and the patr... Read More
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