Centennial of the Mexican Revolution

La Adelita

José Gudalupe Posada



La Adelita is one of the most famous and representative ballads of the Mexican Revolution. It was composed in honor of all the women who participated in the revolutionary war.  Since then an Adelita has come to signify a woman soldier, or soldadera, as well as a brave woman.


En  lo alto de la abrupta serranía
acampado se encontraba un regimiento
y una joven que valiente los seguía
locamente enamorada del sargento.

Popular entre la tropa era Adelita
la mujer que el sargento idolatraba
y además de ser valiente era bonita
que hasta el mismo Coronel la respetaba.

Y se oía, que decía, aquel que tanto la quería:

Y si Adelita se fuera con otro
la seguiría por tierra y por mar
si por mar en un buque de guerra
si por tierra en un tren militar.

Y si Adelita quisiera ser mi novia
y si Adelita fuera mi mujer
le compraría un vestido de seda
para llevarla a bailar al cuartel.



At the top of a steep mountainous range
a regiment was encamped
along with a young woman that bravely followed them
who was madly in love with the sergeant.

Popular among the troop was Adelita
the woman that the sergeant idolized
and besides being brave she was pretty
that even the Colonel respected her.

And it was heard, that he, who loved her so much, said:

And if Adelita left with another man
I'd follow her by land and sea
if by sea in a war ship
if by land in a military train.

And if  Adelita would like to be my girlfriend
If Adelita would be my wife
I'd buy her a silk dress
to take her to the barrack's dance.



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