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Adventure & Biodiversity In: Puerto Vallarta

The Marietas Islands are 30 minutes from Puerto Vallarta, a protected species preservation site. After enjoying the picturesque beauty of Old Puerto Vallarta and Gringo Gulch–a complex of lovely American jet-set residences–from afar, the visitor can submerge himself in the waters of the Pacific to admire manta rays, dolphins, porpoises, hump-backed whales and a variety of fish species.

Fishing season in Puerto Vallarta, where you can capture handsome specimens of sailfish; blue, black and striped marlin, as well as yellow-finned tuna and mahí-mahí, practically lasts the whole year long. The fisherman claim that everyone who goes fishing in Puerto Vallarta will come back with something in their boat. What you can take for granted is that the fun here is always accompanied by the intense scents and sounds of the forest and refreshes itself with the ocean breeze.

THINGS TO DO: Puerto Vallarta Sierra Madre Jeep Safari Expedition

Recommendations for your outings in Puerto Vallarta:

Make sure you know all that is included in the tour that you’re going to purchase beforehand. *Check out several options on the internet before you make your decision. *On adventure tours, ask about restrictions as well as the required minimum age.

For any outing by yacht or other vessel:

Always take your bathing suit, sunblock and suntan lotion, as well as a towel, hat and money to buy handicrafts or souvenirs. *All passengers boarding at the Puerto Vallarta Marina must pay a $15 MXN (pesos) tax. *On snorkeling or kayaking tours; a deposit is sometimes required for the use of the equipment, which is refunded upon finishing the activity.

For any trip through the Sierra Madre mountain range:

Always take your bathing suit and a towel, a sweater or light jacket, insect repellent, comfortable closed shoes and money for purchasing handicrafts or souvenirs.

If you scuba dive:

Remember not to go scuba diving if you are boarding an aircraft within 24hrs.

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