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La China Poblana - Book Cover

La China Poblana

For decades, the charro was the undisputed symbol of Mexican identity. What role did the golden years of Mexican cinema play in his consolidation as a national icon? How has the charro changed today? Here, one of our most fascinating national figures is revealed in illustrations ranging from nineteenth-century pastoral scenes to works of contemporary popular culture.

*Charreria Bound by Myth
*El Zarco
*Fatherland, Woman & Horse
*At the Hacienda of Yesteryear
*I am Mexican I Come from an Untamed Land
*Jorge Negrete Shall Speak for my People


Arte  del Templo Mayor - Book Cover

Arte del Templo Mayor

Strange, astonishing, often terrifying, the stone vestiges of the era we identify with Mexico’s ancient civilizations always leave us with the sensation of coming face-to-face with an enigma.

The pages of this issue introduce us to some of the mysteries of Mexica architectural spaces, suggesting an aesthetic, historic and poetic decoding of Tenochtitlan’s pre-Hispanic sculptures.


El Arte Tradicional del Nacimiento - Book Cover

El Arte Tradicional del Nacimiento

Made of wood, pottery, everlasting flowers, basketry, glass, wax or tinplate, Mexican nativity scenes possess a charm all their own.

These pieces testify to the creativity of Mexican artisans and of those who set up crèches in their homes every year.

This publication reveals some of the many facets of this tradition in our country, where we can discover diversity, harmony and an always surprising beauty.
*Mexican Nativity Scenes An Act of Joy
An Epiphany in Crafts
* The Manger at the Center of the World
* Nahuatl Christmas Carols
A History of the Nativity Scene
Our Most Cherished Customs


Puebla of Angels - Book Cover

Puebla of Angels

The city of Puebla was conceived by Angels and human beings, both of which were seeking perfection. It was the first city in central Mexico founded by the Spanish conquerors that was not built upon the ruins of a conquered civilization.
Each church, convent, library or building in this city is a universe of stories. This issue includes the architecture, pictorial tradition, history and atmosphere of a colonial city you will want to visit time and again.

Viceregal Puebla
* Puebla of Angels
The Founding of Puebla and the Franciscan Project
The Puebla of Bishop Palafox
Colonial Architecture in Puebla
* Rosary Chapel


La China Poblana - Book Cover

La China Poblana

The history of the china poblana lies somewhere between Oriental legends and Mexican folk tales. Who is this woman that has captivated writers, artists and other members of the cultural scene?

*Dressing Mexican
*The Two Chinas
*The China Poblana as a National Emblem
*Sequined Sky
*The Fountain of Holy Water
*Voyage of the Dead
*Heart Memory and Visions


Huichol Art - Book Cover

Huichol Art

The Huicholes or wixarixa have captured the interest of art connoisseurs with their beaded carvings and gourds decorated with geometrical designs. However, there are other Huichol works that imply a vital spiritual commitment, because the artist must undergo a personal and mystical quest to make them. What mysteries do these creations hold? Guest editor: Johannes Neurath.

*The Forms of Wonder
*Ancestors in the Making
*The Beginning of the Path Before the Flood
*The Materials of Huichol Art
*The Fountain of Holy Water
*Voyage of the Dead
*Heart Memory and Visions

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