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Oaxaca - Book Cover


The city of Oaxaca captivates its visitors with its beauty, archaeology, cuisine, fine art and folk art, as well as its history, customs, rituals and legends. This issue assembles the testimony of writers, painters and photographers who have been seduced by the city’s charms, and invite us to return again and again, in body and soul, to revel in its astounding light. Guest editor: Ludwig Zeller.

*The Lights of Oaxaca
*In the Zocalo
*Princess Donaji
*Oaxaca Revisited
*The Spell of Oaxaca
Oaxaca: Forgotten Paintings & Sculpture
*Our Lady of Solitude
*Contemporary Art in Oaxaca


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The Ceramics of Tonala - Book Cover

The Ceramics of Tonala

Ceramics from Tonalá captivate each of our five senses. Our eyes are drawn by their immediacy: form, color and design are contemplated from afar. Hearing and touch also participate in the enjoyment of their sonority, porosity and polish. Water stored in a clay pot from Tonalá is said to take on a purer and more appealing taste. But it is the sense of smell that truly benefits from its encounter with this pottery with a unique scent.

*Ceramics and the Five Senses
Pre-Hispanic Pottery
* Ceramics Beauty and the Exotic
* Earthenware of Fire and Water
The Roberto Montenegro Collection
Hands and Memory: Interview with Simeon Galvan.


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Guadalajara - Book Cover


With a blue gaze and a body of stone, Guadalajara has been a destination for explorers and travelers, the source of national emblems and a breeding ground for artists and writers. In this issue, the most beautiful buildings of the capital of Jalisco open their doors to us, and we learn about some of the most intense episodes in the city’s history.

*On the Face of It
Western March
* Tapatio Time Travel
* My Lost Guadalajara
Orozco’s Gualdalajara
Guadalajara to the Four Winds


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Day of the Dead Ritual Serenity - Book Cover

Day of the Dead Ritual Serenity

Neither humor nor fear reign in the indigenous celebration of Day of the Dead. Rather, participants display a serenity of spirit when sharing food with their ancestors and an exuberant creativity in the decoration of altars and cemeteries.

New Questions About the Day of the Dead
The Day of the Dead Rituals
* A Splendid Reception in Teotitlan del Valle
* The Altar
On Seeds & Death


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Mata Ortiz Pottery - Book Cover

Mata Ortiz Pottery

This beautiful issue of Mexico’s premier art book-magazine is dedicated entirely to Mata Ortiz pottery. It has stunning color pictures of the ollas exhibited at the Franz Mayer Museum.

This issue has all articles in English and in Spanish.  Some of the articles included:

*Paquime The Roots of a New Ceramic Tradition
*Mata Ortiz: A Ceramic Renaissance
*The Alchemy of Clay
*Dialects of Clay
*The Soul of a Potter Interview with Juan Quezada

Alberto Ruy Sanchez


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Mascaras de Carnaval - Book Cover

Mascaras de Carnaval

The medieval tradition of Carnival is still very much alive in Mexico. Locos, diablos, maringuillas (who are often men dressed as women), charros, catrines and many other characters join in the celebration, which provides a space for intense experiences and a riotous visual display.

*Homage to a Festive Memory
*Wisdom of the Masks
*Carving and Decoration
*Wooden Masks
*The Flowers and Mystery of Dance
*Gallery of Gazes

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