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Metepec & its Art in Clay - Book Cover

Metepec & its Art in Clay

When asked whether he is an artist or an artisan, one potter in Metepec responded that he is only a lover of clay. This issue is a celebration of that passion as it explores the ceramic production of an exceptional community in the State of Mexico—from pots and household objects to the most imaginative decorative pieces. There can be no doubt that this is a living and growing tradition.

*Dream and Memory in Clay
*Towards a History of San Juan Bautista Metepec
*Tradition and Fantasy Molded in Clay
*Metepec and saint Isidore The Peasant
*A Lover of Clay: Tiburcio Soteno Fernandez


Visions of Guadalupe - Book Cover

Visions of Guadalupe

Beautifully illustrated book on Our Lady of Guadalupe.

An overview of the most significant icon in Mexican culture through the ages. The Virgin of Guadalupe as a synthesis and witness to the history of Mexico and to countless popular and spiritual expressions, deeply rooted in a society in the process of constructing its symbols of identity. Guest editor: Jaime Cuadriello.

*The Cult to the Virgin of Guadalupe Transcends Borders
*Interview with Jorge Guadarrama of the Museum of the     Basilica
*Visions from Patmos-Tenochtitlan: The Eagle Woman
*A Mosaic of Guadalupan Iconography
*The Cult and its Propagation: Sculpture
*The Cult to the Virgin of Guadalupe & its Devotions
*The Miracles


Skulls and Laughter - Book Cover

Skulls and Laughter

kulls and Laughter
The Day of the Dead in Mexico City has become a celebration where sorrow, laughter, skulls and sugar exist side by side. How did this tradition become invested with such unique characteristics?

Death’s Grin
From Ritual to Festival
* Alfeñique for All Souls Day
* City Graveyards on the Day of the Dead
Day of the Dead
Jose Guadalupe

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