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  Culture & Traditions

  Culture & Traditions

Pre-Columbian Mexican Cuisine: 300 Meals a Day to Choose From

Spanish During pre-Hispanic times, the territory which today comprises Mexico was a mosaic of many cultures, all very different from each other.   These included not only the Mayan civilization in the Yucatan Peninsula and the Mexica in the Valley of Mexico, but also the Za... Read More

  Culture & Traditions

The Art of Creating Trees of Life by May Herz

Mexican Trees of Life or Arboles de la Vida are one of the most popular expressions of Mexican folk art.  For more than 100 years Metepec, in the State of Mexico, has been known for its unique ceramic creations, mainly the Arbol de la Vida, tree of life, a clay sculpture covered with flowers,... Read More

  Culture & Traditions

Mata Ortiz Pottery by May Herz

Why is it said that in a small, lost town of Chihuahua, Mexico exists the largest concentration of artists on the face of this earth? Why are some of the contemporary works of art that are created in this little town sold for incredibly high prices on the international market? Why are thousands ... Read More

  Culture & Traditions

Mexican Folk Art Talavera Poblana

When we speak about Puebla we inevitably think about the imposing volcanoes that guard her, the Popocateptl and Iztaccíhuatl , the culinary delicacies that were created in this state, such as Mole Poblano, its baroque architecture, and of course, the ceramic of Talavera, that adorns practical... Read More

  Culture & Traditions

Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Mexico

Celebrando el Año Nuevo en Mexico

*English Fuegos artificiales, campanas al vuelo, 12 uvas, cena en familia, vino espumoso, abrazos y música conforman el escenario de una habitual celebración de Año Nuevo en las grandes ciudades de México. Como en el resto del mundo, los mexicanos nos reunimos con nuestros seres queridos, famili... Read More

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