Semana Santa: Easter In Mexico

A tradition of 153 years…..More than 1,000,000 spectators….this is Semana Santa in Mexico. All over Mexico, during Holy Week, there are plays re-enacting the Passion of Jesus, but it is universally known that there is none more spectacular than the one that takes place in Iztapalapa, a neighborhood in the heart of Mexico City! This centuries old tradition holds together a community, that prepares for a whole year for this celebration. Mexican popular culture is seen at its best through this festivity: religious fervor , folklore, entertainment, all perfectly intermixed. “Sole Source”

To read more about how Semana Santa is celebrated and see pictures of the video Click.

DVD open to all regions. Viewable NTSC, PAL systems. English DVD. Interviews in Spanish with English subtitles. 25 min.


I just wanted to share with you that I enjoyed your DVD: Semana Santa; Easter in Mexico. If a Spanish instructor has a limited amount of time to introduce Holy Week in Mexico to his/her students, then, I recommend this product.

Sara Davis
February 2012

El Español Vale La Pena!

Learning Spanish is Worth the Effort!

“Español …Vale la Pena” presents in a dynamic and exciting format, the history and origins of the Spanish language, the importance of learning a second language and specially Spanish.

The program also focuses on Spanish in America showing the influence of Spanish in the United States: the growing Hispanic communities, Spanish names of states and cities, new foods and cuisine that we can enjoy!

It underlines the opportunity of learning and appreciating cultural diversity. “Sole Source”

DVD open to all regions. Viewable NTSC, PAL systems. English Version. 22 min.

Noche Buena: A Mexican Christmas

For centuries Mexicans have made of Christmas a very special celebration, full of tradition, creativity and love. Come and see the Pastorela and join in the typical Posadas, in which all the community participates; every home has a Nativity Scene, and the streets are richly decorated through out the city. On January 6, the day of the Three Wise Kings, children get their most desired presents. Their families and friends gather in honor of theThree Wise Kings, and cut the traditional bread roll Rosca de Reyes, and eat Tamales with hot chocolate. “Sole Source”

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Interviews in Spanish with English subtitles. Length: 22 min.
DVD open to all regions. Viewable NTSC, PAL systems.


“Did you hear those fireworks going off? Hear those bells? ..they announce the fiesta in my town!” Fiesta Video narration

Fiestas are celebrated in every Mexican town to honor their patron Saints. With great devotion, all the community joins in to organize and finance this special celebration. This video also shows the ancestral traditions of the Mexican people, such as their dances, their markets and food, their music and the essence of what these people are in their hours of joy! “Sole Source”

DVD open to all regions. Viewable NTSC, PAL systems. English Version. Interviews in Spanish with English subtitles.
22 min.


“a springboard for an in-depth look at interesting cultural topics and a useful addition to the classroom library”

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El Mercado: Mexican Marketplace

Experience the sensory and cultural adventure of going to the typical Mexican Markets!

For centuries Mexicans have gone to the market to get fresh produce as well as to maintain social contact with their community. Colors leap out, salesmen shout as they offer their merchandise, you can delight with the fragrance of fresh fruit and flowers. Come with us and hear what the customers and salesmen say about El Mercado! “Sole Source”

DVD open to all regions. Viewable NTSC, PAL systems. English. Interviews in Spanish with English subtitles. 20 min.

Family Sunday In Mexico City

Spend a Sunday with typical Mexican families, as they enjoy a day of leisure and relax with their friends and family members. In Mexico family life is extremely important and family ties are what truly binds the cultural life of the Mexican people together, and imparts the values of the society to the young. “Sole Source”

DVD open to all regions. Viewable NTSC, PAL systems. English Version .Interviews in Spanish with English subtitles. Color 25 min.