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Mexican Popular Customs - Book Cover

Mexican Popular Customs

Mexicans have a very special way of seeing the world and themselves, a unique sense of humor and a deep- rooted sense of tradition. They are an artistic and passionate culture. They don’t let time run their lives. Family and community are very important values. Learn about the most characteristic ... Read More


Celebrating the Day of the Dead - Book Cover

Celebrating the Day of the Dead

Since pre-Columbian times many Mexican towns honor their dead relatives through fascinating rituals. In the beginning of November people prepare themselves to receive their dead relatives. They place offerings of food, liquor, toys, candy, cigarettes and flowers so the visiting dead enjoy their aro... Read More


Quinceañera, Princess For A Day - Book Cover

Quinceañera, Princess For A Day

The most memorable day in the life of a Mexican girl, is her 15th birthday party, the day in which she is presented to society. Her family has lovingly prepared a wonderful celebration and in the process, spent most of their savings! They rented and decorated a ballroom, ordered dinner for over 200.... Read More


Ballet Folclórico Nacional de México 30th Anniversary Edition - Book Cover

Ballet Folclórico Nacional de México 30th Anniversary Edition

Enjoy one of the most fascinating shows in the world presenting spectacular dances performed by more than 80 artists on stage! You will delight watching the magnificent traditional costumes, the fascinating rituals and beautiful music. This 30th Anniversary Edition features a spectacular comm... Read More


Fiestas Mexicanas MEXICAN HOLIDAYS - Book Cover

Fiestas Mexicanas MEXICAN HOLIDAYS

Cinco de Mayo, Independence Day, Day of the Dead, Flag Day, Christmas... and many more Fiestas all in one video! Take a glance through the calendar, month by month, at some of the most impressive festivities that take place in Mexico. Through these Fiestas get to see the richest expressions of Mexic... Read More


Two Mexican Boys -Boys Life in Mexico- - Book Cover

Two Mexican Boys -Boys Life in Mexico-

This program compares the daily lives of two Mexican teen-agers who live in entirely different worlds. One boy lives in Mexico City, and by contrast, the other lives in the slow timeless pace of rural Mexico. The similarities as well as the differences reflect a great deal about values and culture o... Read More
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