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  Day of the Dead

Make a Day of the Dead Skeleton Puppet

____________________________________________________ Click on the pictures to enlarge. Then print each one. Cut the parts of the skeleton. Punch holes where directed, and join the head, arms, hands, legs and feet. Join together and fasten with thread passed through the holes and knotted ... Read More

  Day of the Dead

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La Llorona Una Mujer Muchas Historias

English La víspera de la conquista de México-Tenochtitlan por Hernán Cortés y su ejército español, estuvo plagada de presagios que Miguel León Portilla enumera en el libro Visión de los vencidos. Basado en códices y memorias de ese periodo, Portilla describe a una mujer, a quien los mex... Read More

  Day of the Dead

Pan de Muerto

Ingredients 1½ cups Flour  ½ cups Sugar  1t Salt 2 Packets Dry Yeast 1t Anis Seed ½ cup Milk ½ cup Water ½ cup Butter 4  Eggs 4½ cups Flour Instructions Mix all dry ingredients together except the 4 1/2 cups of flour In a small pan, heat the milk, the water, and the butter.... Read More

  Day of the Dead

Calabaza en Tacha

Calabaza en Tacha is another traditional dessert that is prepared during the Fiestas de Muertos.  It is very easy and delicious! Ingredients 1  4 to 5 lbs Pumpkin approx. 8 Cinnamon sticks Juice of 1 Orange 4 cups water 2 lbs Piloncillo ( you can use brown sugar or raw sugar) Cut the ... Read More

  Day of the Dead

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The Day of the Dead Offering - Book Cover

The Day of the Dead Offering

“I am so accustomed to being alive I didn’t realize I had turned into a vulture”. Jorge Reyes (Mexican Composer) *Spanish The sound of the rain, the smell of wet earth, the heat of fire, the color of the sky glowing in the afternoon and the taste of hot coffee: all sensory experiences tha... Read More
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