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Category Archives: Holidays

February 24 Mexican Flag Day

Category : Holidays Date : Feb - 02 - 18 Posted by : Inside Mexico

// Every February 24 Mexico celebrates National Flag Day. The Mexican national flag is a symbol of freedom, justice and citizenship. Its shield and colors represent the origins, principles, courage and struggle of the Mexican nation. Over the years, different flags have represented Me Read More

El Día de la Raza October 12, Hispanic Heritage Day

Category : Holidays Date : Sep - 29 - 17 Posted by : Inside Mexico

Every October 12 Mexicans celebrate El Día de la Raza, the Day of the Race instead of Columbus Day due to the controversies surrounding this historical figure.  The Italian explorer and his Spanish crews enslaved and murdered thousands of American indigenous groups he encountered during his voya Read More

Mexican Independence Facts Hechos de la Independencia de México

Category : Holidays Date : Jul - 27 - 17 Posted by : Inside Mexico

// 1. Mexican Independence Day is celebrated every September 16.  Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico’s Independence Day.    2. The Mexican Independence war begun on September 16, 1810 and ended on September 27, 1821. La guerra de Independencia comenzó el 16 de Septiembre de 1810 y concluyó e Read More

Interview with Oswaldo Ortega Who Represents Jesus Christ

Category : Holidays Date : Mar - 30 - 17 Posted by : May Herz

  Oswaldo Ortega Palma, is a young man who played the role of Jesus in the Passion Play of Iztapalapa The most important and most difficult role to play in the Passion of Jesus which is presented in the district of Iztapalapa, is that of Jesus Christ. It is a great honor for any young m Read More

Valentine’s Spanish Word List

Category : Holidays Date : Jan - 27 - 17 Posted by : May

Valentine's  most popular Spanish words:Amiga (o): FriendAmistad: FriendshipAmor: LoveAmorcito: SweetheartAnillo de compromiso: Engagement ringArgollas Matrimoniales: Wedding ringsBoda: WeddingCita: DateCorazón: HeartCupido: CupidDía de San Valentin: Valentine's DayDía del Amor y la Amistad : Read More

La Llorona One Woman, Many Stories

Category : Holidays Date : Sep - 23 - 16 Posted by : Alfonso Olvera

Spanish The eve of the conquest of Mexico -Tenochtitlan by Hernan Cortes and his Spanish army was plagued by omens that Miguel Leon–Portilla enumerates in his book, “Broken Spears: The Aztec Account of the Conquest of Mexico”.   Based on codices as well as from memories of the p Read More

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