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Category Archives: Holidays

Day of the Dead Teacher Suggested Activities

Category : Holidays Date : Sep - 24 - 15 Posted by : Inside Mexico

This space is intended for the exchange of classroom activities, projects and ideas for the Day of the Dead, submitted by teachers. We sincerely thank all the teachers that have sent in their ideas! _____________________________________ Every year, we assign our Spanish 2 students (with a part Read More

Great Mexican Love Stories

Category : Holidays Date : Apr - 04 - 15 Posted by : Alfonso Olvera

While February 14th is celebrated as the Day of Love and Friendship in many countries, it is perhaps celebrated with most fervor and tradition in Mexico.   This is the date where the most people are serenaded and the most chocolates and balloons are gifted. And that is because Mexicans ar Read More

Enchiladas Verdes

Category : Holidays Date : Mar - 30 - 15 Posted by : May

  12 Tortillas 12 Green Tomatillos pealed and cut in halves 2 Serrano Chiles ¼ Onion finely chopped Salt to taste ½ Garlic Clove 1 Cup Grated Cheese (Mexican Mix or Mozarela) ¾ Cup Fresh Cream chopped 3 Tb Vegetable Oil Wash and peal green  tomatillos.  Boil tomatillo Read More

Jose Maria Morelos y Pavón

Category : Holidays Date : Mar - 09 - 15 Posted by : Alfonso Olvera

José María Morelos y Pavón was born in Valladolid (now Morelia) in 1765.   He was a Mexican religious, military and politician, leader of the revel Independence war in Mexico. After the death of father Miguel Hidalgo in 1811, José María assumed leadership of the independence movement Read More

El Callejon del Beso: A Love Story in Guanajuato

Category : Holidays Date : Feb - 19 - 15 Posted by : Alfonso Olvera

  When two lovers pass through the Callejon del Beso,  the Alley of the Kiss, they must kiss on the third step in order for their love to last forever.   That’s why hundreds of people who pass through this narrow place don’t hesitate to do so and hope that the story turns out Read More

El Día de San Valentin

Category : Holidays Date : Feb - 04 - 15 Posted by : Alfonso Olvera

    México Celebra el Amor y la Amistad el 14 de Febrero. Cálidos, festivos y generosos. Así definen a los mexicanos la mayoría de los extranjeros que han tenido la oportunidad de vivir algún tiempo entre nosotros. Aseguran que es notable nuestra disposición no sólo a demos Read More

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