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Don Miguel Hidalgo: Father of Our Independence

Hidalgo took the banner with the image of  Our Lady of Guadalupe and, ringing the church bell, he gathered many faithful Catholics from his parish to listen attentively to Hidalgo‘s speech.  He talked to them about Spanish oppression and about the impending need to free themselves from Spain.

The angry people shouted: “Long live independence!  Long live America!  Away with bad government!”  With that, the armed battle began which would give birth to a new nation, free and sovereign.

In 1811 Father Hidalgo fell in an ambush staged by Félix María Calleja and, after being relieved of his duties as a priest, he was sentenced and shot to death.

His fight was not in vain, as Mexico gained its independence September 21, 1821. Mexico would never have gained independence had it not been for Hidalgo’s calling on the people of Dolores. His grito brought about the birth of Mexico.

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