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Interview with Oswaldo Ortega Who Represents Jesus Christ

The Passion Play in Iztapalapa Mexico

My parents took my brothers and sisters and me to see the Passion of Jesus and we liked it. I played at being Jesus with a cross we had in the house.
*How do you feel, now that you are realizing your dream of playing the most important role of Jesus?

Great joy and responsibility. My dream has come true and I am trying to get closer to Jesus spiritually, and like my Dad tells me, I try to be better every day.
*Do you feel like you are different from young people your age?

No, I am a normal young person, I like to play basketball, listen to music, read, these are my hobbies. I go to school, although right now I have had to stop in order to concentrate on my role.
*Does your family also take part in the play?

Yes, my brother also has a role.
*Were there other boys who wanted to play the role of Jesus?

Yes, there were 25, all of them from here, the district of Iztapalapa, but they chose me.
*How often do have rehearsals?

There are rehearsals every afternoon for all the roles.
*Aren’t you afraid of the lashings you are going to get?

No, on the contrary, I have asked them to really do it hard, so as to feel something of what our Lord Jesus Christ felt.
*Are you worried about anything?

What I ask most of God is to be able to endure, to bear all the blows and the trip through the streets, until we get to the hill where the crucifixion takes place.
*How heavy is the cross you are going to carry?

It weighs more than 220 pounds. I asked for it to be as heavy as possible, in order to feel a bit of what Christ felt.
*How are you training physically for the play?

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