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Interview with Oswaldo Ortega Who Represents Jesus Christ

The Passion Play in Iztapalapa Mexico

Every morning I run, and I climb the hill carrying a trunk or sacks of sand. I try to do it when the sun is hottest, so that I can put up with it on that day. I also go the gym for two or three hours a day.
*Are you under a doctor’s supervision?

Yes, I go to a lady doctor who is checking me and gives me vitamins.
*Will a doctor be with you on the day of the play?

Well, there are Red Cross doctors along the route.
*What will you do with your cross when this representation is over?

I’m going to varnish it and put it in the patio of my house. We’re going to build a roof over it to protect it from the rain and sun. It will be a nice reminder that I was given the role of Jesus Christ, which I have wanted so much since I was a young boy and now I am able to fulfill.


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