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 Culture & Traditions

Creating a Spectacular Dragon Step by Step Creation of an Alebrije

“Carving dragons thrills me because I always  create something different and I always keep on improving them. It is perhaps my favorite figure”

Luis Pablo


Here at Sandia Folk we have had the privilege of working closely through the years with the maestro Luis Pablo. We have been witnesses to his ascending journey and have been lucky to see the birth of many of his beautiful creations which we have promoted enthusiastically with collectors from all over the world.


Now, we have commissioned a spectacular dragon by him, museum quality, and have asked him to allow us to display pictures of his step-by-step process of elaboration. If you visit this article, you will be able to witness in almost real time the entire process; from the moment when he picks the tree trunk, until the moment he finalizes the piece signing it with his traditional candle.


Once the dragon is completed and arrives at our office in Texas, it will be available for purchase on line. It is important to note that every figure that we have on display on our website is a piece that we actually have in our possession and is ready to be shipped immediately from Texas.


We hope you enjoy the experience of joining Luis Pablo in the process of creating his most recent piece!



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