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 Culture & Traditions

New Years Rituals in Mexico Health, Money & Love

by Chela Orozco

A special wish and … well,  now follow this guide to learn what color candle you should place:

  • Blue brings peace

    Yellow: abundance

    Red:  love

    Green:  health

    White:  knowledge

    Orange: intelligence


  • So you think that there already too many things to do, huh? Just wait until midnight for a parade of more rituals:

At the stroke of 12 at midnight, it’s customary to ring a bell and ring it loudly. No home should be without this item for it symbolizes the home’s joy and happiness

While the bells are sounding,  everyone has to eat 12 grapes — symbolizing the wishes for each month of the New Year. 

Immediately afterward come the hugs and kisses session with relatives and friends, which represents love and companionship for each other and for their loved ones. 

When a couple receives hugs and kisses they are assured that the year will be full of romance. 



Next, each person starts with their personal rituals some of the most popular are:


To obtain money and prosperity, place a coin inside your shoe or a bill in your pocket. Some people also eat cooked lentils for affluence, much like our tradition of eating black-eyed peas. 

Sweeping with a broom at the door of the house, brushing towards the street is meant to take out negativity, pain, bad vibes. 


Those who are looking for love tie a picture of their love with a red ribbon and place it under their pillow. 

For those who want to travel the ritual is going out with their luggage and go around their street. The farther away they want to travel the farther they need to walk. If traveling with someone else, that person has to walk with their luggage as well! 

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