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 Culture & Traditions

New Years Rituals in Mexico Health, Money & Love

by Chela Orozco

Throwing the water from a glass symbolizes the expulsion of pain and tears.  

For those that want to get married, it is recommended together they sit and stand with each ring of the bells.  

If you need a promotion just go up the stairs or up a ladder to be higher than the other guests. 

For those of you that like to light candles, there’s another beautiful ritual. You need to light, at exactly 12 o’clock,  three candles placed as a triangle.  One candle should be red, another one green, and the last one yellow. Place 9 rice grains, 9 lentils, and 9 golden coins. This ritual is meant to ask for prosperity, health, and love for the family.  

So, as you can see for New Year’s there are so many rituals. Some people like to celebrate with friends and family, and others prefer to be alone.  What is for sure is that the majority of people in Mexico go to mass and pray, thanking God for all He has given them and asking for a good new year.  There are many fun, crazy, entertaining rituals that people enjoy and hope they work!  In any case, we all wish you a Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

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