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Oaxaca Artistic Heart of Mexico


            The sensibility and creativity of the Oaxacans have made them “masters” in the field of popular art, in music, in culinary arts, and fine arts.  Oaxaca is the land of artists where “God never dies,” because each day it is revitalized in the wonderful works of art that its artists create, as in a embroidered napkin, a wood carving, or in a woven tapestry.


            To attend a “tianguis”, market, or a festival in Oaxaca is to find the harmonic union between the spirit and the mundane, between creativity and sensibility, between the divine and the sacred.  The popular artist is the most genuine representative of an ancestral aspiration which lives in communities. 


Popular art in Oaxaca is communal and representative of an ancestral form of perceiving and understanding life, death, beauty, nature, shapes, light, and color.


            Oaxacan art is the reason and the essence of life, the most transparent expression of “being Oaxacan,” which brings Oaxaca to being the artistic heart of a profound Mexico.


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