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¡Qué Onda! News from a Mexican School

My Presentation Class

Hi! “Qué onda cómo están?” I’m doing great, because I just finished the bimestrial exams, and guess what? I was excused from all of them! Except Math, but I did well on the exam.

Today I have a surprise for you, my Lit teacher is going to write in Mexico Newsletter. Chequen, check out her first article in this edition: The Teacher

Her name is Melissa R. McCoy and she is buena onda, (cool) even though the stories she makes us read are a bit boring, like “The Old Man and the Sea”, but there are a lot of better ones like, “The Lion the Witch, and the Wardrobe”, or “My brother Sam is Dead”.

Melissa is from Kansas, and has also lived in Texas and New Mexico, and for some years has been teaching in Mexico City. I think you’ll agree with me that she is Buena Onda!

“Oigan”, listen, I’m also going to let my brother, Pablo, use this space to tell you about his Presentation Class.
He goes to a Montessori school, where I also took elementary school. He’s in the third grade.

See you soon!

My Presentation Class
by Pablo Olvera

My name is Pablo, and I’m 9 years old. My school is called Comunidad Educativa León Felipe. It’s a Montessori school in the north of Mexico City. We have a web page, , but it’s being remodeled right now. My school is very nice. My brother, Alfonso, my little sister, May and I studied there. It goes from Pre-kinder for little kids, to Casa de los Niños for children 3 to 6 years old, and “Taller” or primary, which goes from “Transitorio” up to sixth grade.

Every year, a few days before Easter holidays, each group has a Presentation Class. We invite our parents to the Presentation Class and some times our grandparents as well, so they can see what we have learned.

Each of my classmates presents a topic. For example, Alejandro and José Arturo presented “The Aztec Calendar”, Gerardo and Alan, “The Lifeline” (from the origin of the universe up to our times), Diego Alberto and I, “The Binomial Cubed”.

This is a very important day for us, so we practice our presentation for two months. Oh! I forgot to tell you that we choose the topics ourselves from the things we have studied in class. I chose “The Binomial Cubed” because I thought it was very interesting. Frida, my teacher, helps us to prepare and practice the presentation.

We also put on a play for the English class. This time, it was about Egypt. The whole play is in English! You can see my classmates in their costumes in the photos below. It was about some explorers, and some Discovery Channel reporters who go to ancient Egypt.

I was the pilot of the plane. As well as my own costume, that I really loved, I thought Esteban’s mummy costume was great.

Our parents made all the props and the costumes; they’re cool, aren’t they?

I loved my airplane and the mummies’ sarcophagus.

On Presentation Class Day we were all a bit nervous. First was Spanish. We call it Spanish, because we all speak Spanish there, but we have regular subjects, like math, history, and science. All the parents were sitting in our classroom and there was a table in front where we showed how we work.

When it’s our turn, our parents always go up front with us. My father couldn’t go because he was out of town. Diego Alberto and I are in the picture during our presentation. My presentation went really well and when I finished, I was very happy. All the parents clapped for us.

After all the Spanish presentations, we had to get into costume very fast for the play. My teacher, Ana, was nervous and scolded us if we took too long. (I think it is because she wanted things to go well.)

The play took place in the patio and the parents sat on the stairs. The whole school watched us.

It was very long, an hour, but we had a lot of fun.

The best thing is that after it was all over, we went to the Valle Escondido Golf Club for a celebration with our parents. We had lunch and all the kids played (although we had a bit of a fight).

In the end, we were all very happy because everything went really well. We already want it to be our next Presentation Class, but that’s a long way away (not until next year).

Before saying goodbye, I would like to say that I will continue telling you about my school from time to time in this “Qué Onda” column. (My sister wants to write, too, but she’s just 5 years old!)

Until the next time!


If you want to write to me, my e-mail address is:

These are the pictures of my presentation class. Click on them to make them bigger.

Pablo. and Diego AlbertoIsabella Alex and Jose Arturo Presenting the Aztec CalendarPablo and Crew with their Plane

Mummies in School!The Children Wearing Egiptian Costumes.©

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