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The most memorable day in the life of a Mexican girl, is her 15th birthday party, the day in which she is presented to society. Her family has lovingly prepared a wonderful celebration and in the process, spent most of their savings! They rented and decorated a ballroom, ordered dinner for over 200.

All have new suits and dresses, but the most beautiful of all is our young debutante; she is …Princess for a Day. “Sole Source”

DVD open to all regions. Viewable NTSC, PAL systems

English Version. Narrated in English. Interviews in Spanish with English subtitles. 30 min.

Spanish: Narrated in Spanish. Interviews in Spanish with English subtitles. 30 min.

Las Mañanitas

Las Mañanitas is the traditional Mexican birthday song. It is so popular that it is now sung ...

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