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The Culture of the Sun

The force of the sun can not be diminished by anyone, not even by its antagonist – the moon.  If it could, life, goodness, and a growing and flourishing nature would all come to an end.  Therefore, when there is a  solar eclipse, indigenous villages come to the sun’s defense, and through dance, prayer, and many diverse rituals, they protect the sun from the moon.  The triumph comes when, according to the tradition, they manage to drive away the “meztli” – the traitor moon which leaves after he is kept from eating the sun. 

The sun…luminous life that gives heat and is represented in all sorts of clay forms, copper, murals, bracelets, necklaces; in the treasure of “Olinalá” and in the belts of “Quiroga”…the sun, which belongs to everyone…the same as always.

Las Mañanitas

Las Mañanitas is the traditional Mexican birthday song. It is so popular that it is now sung ...

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