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Music is one of the most important expressions of the Mexican culture. Each region has its own instruments and ways of playing and singing.

Enjoy this beautiful musical mosaic: from the soft and melodious Marimba, to the vibrant Mariachi.

Get to know and delight in the most representative music , complemented with beautiful handicrafts and regional dresses of Mexico. Performed in a magnificent Mexican colonial setting. “Sole Source”

This program includes:

*Teheuantepec  Marimba Oaxaca
*Centro Zapoteca  Duet of Guitars Oaxaca
*Josefina Soloist Michoacan
*Campesina Soloist Tabasco
*Comitan Marimba Chiapas
*Potpourri Tarasco Autochthonous Duet Michoacan
*Jarabe Loco Trio Jarocho Veracruz
*El Toro Relajo Trio Jarocho Veracruz
*Cucurrucucu Paloma Soloist and Mariachi Jalisco
*Mexico Lindo y Querido Mariachi Jalisco
*Potpurri Jalisciense (La Negra…) Mariachi Jalisco

DVD open to all regions. Viewable NTSC, PAL systems. Songs in Spanish with introductions in English. 45 min.

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Price 29.95