In Mexico, pre-Hispanic first names are still very popular. They honor our Pre-Columbian heritage and show the pride for our ancestors.

Here are the ten most popular Female Pre-Columbian names:

Ameli     Water

Citlalli      Star

Erendirani   Happiness 

Itzel     Bright Star

Ix Chel     Moon

Malinalli     Goddess of Grass 

Nayelli      Love

Quetzal     Jewel, Beautiful Feather

Xochitl      Flower

Yunuen   Half Moon

Following are the ten most popular Male Pre-Columbian names:

Canek   Black Serpent

Cuauhtemoc     Descending Eagle

Ikal    Spirit

Tonatiuh      Sun

Moctezuma    Stern Prince 

Netzahualcoyotl      Coyote who fasts

Quetzal      Jewel, Beautiful Feather

Tenoch     Rock 

Yolotl    Aztec Heart