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About Us - Book Cover

About Us

Inside Mexico started producing and distributing educational video programs about Mexico and the Mexican culture in 1989.

Our programs have been distributed in the United States by established catalog companies that sell to schools , libraries, and museums as well as to the home market.

We started producing videos when we saw the need of showing a more accurate picture of Mexico; giving another perspective, different from the stereotypical images seen so frequently in the media: the siesta sleeping farm worker, the poor and dusty old towns, the corruption, violence and ignorance of the people………..

We wanted to share with our viewers, the richness of this country: its beautiful scenery, its magnificent pre-Hispanic past, its charming pueblos and lovely artesanías, the cosmopolitan modern cities, the warmth and millenary wisdom of its people, their impressive ability to get through the hard times, the purpose they find in their lives.

These years of producing and getting to know this land of magic and color have been enriching and fulfilling.

We hope you enjoy these programs and articles as much as we did producing them!

May Herz

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