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Oaxaca Artistic Heart of Mexico

              Oaxaca occupies a fundamental place in the universe of Mesoamerican civilizations.  It is the point of encounter between the Nahuan towns of the central plateau, the Mayans of the Yucatan Peninsula, and the ancient inhabitants off the coast of… Read More

  Culture & Traditions

El Español: The History of the Spanish Language

Spanish is spoken by close to 400 million people throughout 19 million square kilometers, and it constitutes the fourth most frequently spoken language in the world. 1492 when, coincidentally, the first Grammar of the Castillian… destiny for the Spanish language to reach our continent along with Columbus. Continue reading

  Culturas Pre-Hispanicas

  Reference & History

What Do you Need to Travel to Mexico?

  What documents or requirements are needed to visit  Mexico?   Many countries including the US, Canada, the European Union do not need a Mexican Visa to visit Mexico for up to 180 days. Your passport is required and must be… Read More


El Porfiriato en Mexico

El Porfiriato fue una etapa difícil e importante en México en la que Porfirio Diaz se adueño de la presidencia durante más de treinta años. El gobierno procuró contribuir al progreso nacional .. Continue reading

  Myths & Legends

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