Mexico Facts

Official Name Estados Unidos Mexicano
Geographical Location North America Border at the north with the US and at the south with Guatemala and Belize.
Mexican Territory 1 964 375 km² 758,249 sq mi
Language Spanish. In addition to Spanish more than 50 dialects are also spoken in Mexico.
Government Mexico is a Federal Republic constituted by 31 states and a Federal District. The president is directly elected to a non-renewable six-year term.

Branches of Government: Executive, Legislative and Judicial

President 2012-2018 Enrique Peña Nieto

Official Residence Los Pinos, The Pines, is the official home of the President of Mexico. It is located in Mexico City.

The first Mexican president to live in Los Pinos was President Lázaro Cárdenas in 1935. President Cárdenas named the residence “Los Pinos” in honor of the orchard in Michoacan where he met his wife Amalia Solórzano.

Capital Mexico City
Currency Peso (MXN Symbol $)
Population 108,318,165
Anthem Himno Nacional Mexicano composed by Francisco González Bocanegra and Jaime Nunó. It was first sung on September 16, 1854.
Independence Day September 16. Read more about Mexico’s Independence.

Las Mañanitas

Mexican Happy Birthday Song

Las Mañanitas is the traditional and indispensible Mexican birthday song. It is so popular …