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 Culture & Traditions

El Juego de Pelota ~ Ball Game Aztec Sports & Games


Another form of entertainment was hunting. Poor people hunted to increase their food supply or to trade, while the wealthy did it for fun. There were also bow and arrow competitions and rowing contests on Texcoco Lake as well.


Children enjoyed watching these games and participating in races against one another. Their parents made marbles, whistles, rattles, bows, and arrows for them. Just like any child from any time in history, they would imitate their elders, pretending to be soldiers, hunters, dancers, businessmen, parents, and teachers. They also enjoyed riddles and were very skilled in inventing their own.


As we know, the Aztecs were very good speakers and did a lot of praying. They wouldn’t miss a chance to offer advice, speeches, and poems to anyone who was willing to listen.


Going to the marketplace was, and still is, a great source of fun. They would delight in seeing the merchandise that the pochtecas, or traders, brought from the most remote places of Mesoamerica. They would talk with the traders and with their neighbors, and sometimes they even fought among themselves until the authorities would come to solve the problem.


As you see, the Aztecs were not only excellent warriors, they were hardworking people that also knew how to spend their spare time!


May Herz & Angie Galicia


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