The Wedding Ceremony

On that special date, selected with so much love and faith in the promising future, the wedding was celebrated at night at the groom’s home.  On that day, but in the afternoon, the bride participated on a ritual bath, washed her hair.  Then she had her arms and legs decorated with red feathers, and her face was painted with a yellow pigment.

The boy’s family arrived and after telling her that they were very happy to have her be a part of their family, and showering her with presents, they all guided the girl to her new home. They walked through the streets, carrying torches, and singing  all the way.

When they arrived, the girl was handed an incensory.  The boy welcomed his bride at the door  holding an other incense burner.  They exchanged this incense as a symbol of respect to one another.

They entered singing and dancing to their new home, where the old women,  the cihuatlanque, would tie their blouses together. 

Then  they were formally declared man and wife, and of course, another bountiful feast was given to celebrate such a fortunate event.