“There are many people in history who embrace the culture that defines them but only a few become engraved in it; Frida Kahlo is one of those individuals. In Mexican society she represents the folkloric joy, the indigenous pre-Hispanic pride, the European immigrant dream, and the revolutionary sprit.” Jose Pablo

Frida has become the subject of many artists worldwide. Her image can be seen on fine art as well as popular, folk and commercial pieces.  Posters, prints, cell phone cases, morrales, you name it, Frida’s image is one of the most revered and at the same time more commercialized icons of all times.

This impressive tree of life , Arbol de la Vida was created by Mexican artist Tiburcio Soteno showing scenes of Frida Kaklo’s world known paintings such as: Las Dos Fridas (The Two Fridas), Naturaleza Muerta Con Perico (Still Life With Parrot ),Flor de la Vida ( The Flower of Life ) Diego y Frida ( Diego and Frida), La Tierra Misma (  The Earth Itslef )

When Tiburcio was a child he got to meet Frida and Diego. They used to visit his parent’s workshop.Tiburcio‘s mother, Modesta Fernandez created wonderful  trees of life that were greatly admired by Fridaand Diego. He taught them how to use better pigments on their arboles so the paint wouldn’t fade.

Many of Modesta Fernandez‘s trees of life are exhibited in the Museo Frida Kahlo, the blue house in Coyoacan where Frida and Diego used to live.




Latierra Misma