An ancient story recounts the story of Oaxaca’s Our Lady of Solitude.DSC086881

Legend has it that in 1620 a mule driver, guiding his mulas, mules train through the streets of Oaxaca on his way to Guatemala, suddenly discovered he had an extra animal, carrying a huge box on his back.

Outside the San Sebastian hermitage, the mule collapsed under the burden it was carrying. The mule driver unsuccessfully tried to get her on her feet. Finally, in order to avoid being punished he alerted the authorities who lifted the box. The burro stood up and immediately died.1DSC087001

The  officials were curious to see what was inside this box. They opened it and found inside the image of the Blessed Virgin of Solitude accompanied by Christ on it, along with a sign that said, The Virgin by the Cross.

This amazing event motivated Bishop Bartolome Bojorquez to order a sanctuary built in honor of the divinity.DSC086911

Tourists who visit Oaxaca find a large boulder at the entrance marking the spot where the mula died from the weight of the box.

Our Lady of Solitude is the patroness of Oaxaca.  Every December 18, Oaxaqueños celebrate the day of the Queen of Oaxaca and is carried through the streets of the city on many religious celebrations.