The word  Madre means Mother in Spanish but it has so many other popular meanings when used in different phrases and circumstances.


Madre Solo hay Una    There’s only one mother, appreciate her!


En la madre!   Oh crap!


A toda madre!  So cool!


Ni madre.  No way.


Es una madrecita.  It is of no value.


Me vale madre.  I don’t give a damn.


Tu madre!  Yo mama!


De poca madre.  So cool.


No tiene madre!  Can be positive as a superlative meaning nothing compares to it; or negative, meaning it-he doesn’t have any value or values.


Partir la madre.  Means to hit or take down someone. (Te voy a partir la madre)


Hasta la madre.  I’ve had it up to here! I’m fed up!


Madrazo   To punch. 


Madrear  To give a beating.