In Mexico, there are many nicknames or terms of endearment to express in a playful way our feelings toward others. 

Abue  Short for Abuelo (a)  grandparent

Amor my love.

Bebé baby.

Cariño  Sweetheart.

Chaparrita (o)  Short one.

Chino (a) Curly one.

Chirris  A short person, a child

Corazón  Heart, my heart.

Cielo, Mi Cielo  My sky.

Flaco (a)   Thin one.

Gordito (a)   Chubby one.

Güera (0)   Blond one, or white skinned.

Inge  is short for Ingeniero, Engineer.  

Lic is short for Licenciado.

Linda A beautiful woman or girl

Maestro Teacher but is mostly used for construction workers, carpenters etc.

Mami   Mama can be used for daughters or mothers.

Muñeca (o) Doll.

Nene (a)  Baby.

Papi Daddy and can be used for sons or father.

Peque  Little one said to a child

Prieta (o)    Dark-skinned, tanned beauty.

Profe  Short for Profesor (a)  teacher

Seño Short for señora  Mrs.

Vieja (o)  Said to a wife or a husband. Can also be a derogatory term for a mean woman or man.