The glamour of a marina visited by internationally renowned artists and the simplicity of a red-brick cathedral surrounded by quaint little homes with barrel-tiled roofs coexist harmoniously in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco– one of the youngest and most promising jewels in Mexican tourism.

Up until 50 years ago, Puerto Vallarta remained largely unknown. It was then a small town of no more than 2,000 inhabitants, surrounded by exotic jungle. But the Hollywood film industry placed Puerto Vallarta at the center of world attention.

Today there are more than 700 hotels in Puerto Vallarta, from the quaint and luxurious boutique hotels to the international chained brand hotels and the affordable all inclusive resorts.

It was the year 1954 and John Huston, the famous director, was searching for a location to film his movie adaptation for the play, “The Night of the Iguana”, by Tennessee Williams.

A lucky coincidence allowed the Mexican engineer; Guillermo Wulff, to convince him to film it in Mismaloya, a practically virgin site whose broad beach was suited for the creation of any scene.

Huston went there with his team of actors and collaborators that included Deborah Kerr, Ava Gardner, Sue Lyon and the most famous couple of the day: Richard Burton and Liz Taylor.

The wave of actors and intellectuals that went to Puerto Vallarta in those years forever shaped the personality of this buoyant Mexican tourist destination. The picturesque character of the town became instilled with a style that was at once cosmopolitan, intimate, hedonistic, and lover of the arts. Those who come to Puerto Vallarta will be pleasantly surprised by its traditions as well as its internationally vivacious activity.


Each November for the past 16 years, Puerto Vallarta hosts the International Gourmet Festival. Chefs from all over the world are received in the best qualified restaurants of Puerto Vallarta and share with the local chefs, revamp menus and offer new experiences and flavors to the fortunate guests. It’s not a competition, but rather a delicious dialogue of cultures that leaves everyone with a good taste in their mouth.