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¡Qué Onda! News from a Mexican School

I am Alfonso Olvera, I’m 13, and I live in Mexico City, the biggest city in the world.

Let me explain the title of my column to you. “Qué Onda!” is the Mexican equivalent of “What’s up?” or “What’s happening?”. This is how kids say hello to each other: “Qué onda?…. Cómo estás?”, or “Qué onda?… cómo te fue?”. It also means, what’s going on?. So… “Qué onda cómo están?”

In this column I’m going to tell you about life in a Mexican school, my school.

It’s called, “Escuela Sierra Nevada”, and it’s going to celebrate it’s 50th year!!

It’s a private school and goes from kindergarten to 5th year elementary, and from first year of junior high to the third year of senior high school. I don’t know why it doesn’t have the sixth year. Weird, isn’t it?

The worst thing is having to get up at 6:30 in the morning because there is no school bus in my district, so we hired a lady whose name is Megumi to take me every morning. Since she has to pick up other people, however,  she comes by for me very early. In the beginning it’s awful, but I wake up on the way to school.

I get out of school at 2:30. I’m not so tired when I get home, but by Thursday  I would give anything to sleep for a bit in the afternoon.

My school’s facilities are not very good, since the buildings are new and are just barely being finished now.

In the first year of junior high, which is the grade I’m in now, there are about 70 students, divided into three groups. We all get along well, and we’re all friends and have fun, even if not everyone is in our group.

I have 14 subjects: MathLiteraturePhysics and Chemistry, Civics,Typing, History, Geography, Artistic Expression, Guidance,Computer Science, Language, Spanish, and Phys Ed.  I like Artistic Expression and Geography because they’re not hard or as boring as the others. The subjects almost everyone likes least are Physics andChemistry, because the teacher is “mala onda” (very strict and demanding).

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