Taxco’s development as a mining town began with the arrival of José de la Borda in the colonial period. De la Borda invested much of his mining wealth in constructing the Church of Santa Prisca, the city’s patron saint. Its facade and interiors are worked in the churrigueresque style, and one can appreciate here, the imaginative and delicate work of the town’s artisans. 


Saint Prisca is honored on January 17, when children and adults alike gather outside the church with their pets, who will be given a blessing. At dawn the next day, the faithful sing “Las Mañanitas” to their patron saint and dance in the courtyard of the church. 


The city of Taxco has almost remained untouched by the “evils” of modernity. The narrow, steep cobblestone streets do not allow for the free passage of cars, and the area does not lend itself well to the construction of tall buildings or hotel complexes. Because of this, its beautiful and romantic colonial, essence has remained practically intact, for the enjoyment of all who visit it. 


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