Hi! I’m Marcelo Ahuerma, I’m 15, I’m in 3rd year of Jr. High, and I live in the State of Mexico. I love using the computer, riding my bike, and especially going to parties with my friends.

I’m out with my friends most of the time on the weekends, at parties, the mall, and a lot of other places. Mostly we go to the Mundo E and Plaza Satélite malls.

At Mundo E we go to the movies. The best movie I’ve seen for a while, which is playing right now, is “El Jinete Sin Cabeza” The Headless Horseman” the English title is Sleepy Hollow ; don’t miss it if you like suspense movies with a bit of horror.

We also like to go for coffee and talk; we go to Recórcholis, which has a whole lot of machines, especially simulators. My favorite is a really cool car race, with tons of lanes.

There’s a food court at Mundo E where we eat sometimes; it has places that serve Mexican food, sushi, hamburgers and nuggets, fruit juice and frozen popsicles, as well as cookies and donuts.

At Plaza Satélite, generally just called the “Plaza”, we go to the movies as well, get an ice-cream or something, or just hang out and talk. It’s fun, but like I said, parties are even more fun. There’s at least one every weekend, sometimes in the afternoon and sometimes at night, and there’s almost always dancing, depending on the setting and the music.

The kinds of music I like to listen to most are: alternative, rock-pop in English, and a lot of others like that.

You can also go bowling with your friends and enjoy yourself for a while; we go often. Even if you’re not good at bowling, you’ll have a good time,… and that’s the whole idea!

Oh, I forgot to say that Holy Week is coming. Our last day of school is Friday, April 14, and we start back on Tuesday, the 2nd of May, because Monday the 1st is Labor Day.

We don’t have class on March 20th or 21st, or on Friday the 5th, Wednesday the 10th, or Monday, the 15th of May. So if you count the days of class that are left, you’ll realize there aren’t very many.

During Holy Week there are many places to go; for example, one of the most popular places is Acapulco. This is a port that is very famous for its beaches and its tourist attractions;  you can have a great time there in a lot of ways, going to the beach, the malls, going up the Shotover Jet, Rappel, and many other things.

The Shotover Jet is a raft that goes down the Papagayo or Balsas river really, really fast, whirling around like crazy – it’s fantastic!

Rappel is a sport, and what you have to do is go up to the top of a 15-story building, where they secure you with ropes, and  you have to go down the side of the building. The hardest thing is taking the first step and letting yourself fall down to the wall.

There are many more places in the country you can go, like Cancun, Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, Mazatlán, etc.

You can do a lot of other things as well if you stay, of course:  go out with your friends, organize parties, go to Reino Aventura-Six Flags Mexico, or just stay home and chill.

At Reino Aventura, you can go on all the rides, like the Space Shot, for example, which is the coolest  thing; there’s a circle with 8 seats, the circle goes flying up really fast, and then free-falls with nothing to stop it. There are some shock absorbers on the bottom part that make it spring half-way back up again, and then it stops. It’s really awesome.

There are other games like the “Reino Laser“; you have to form a team and compete against each other, they give you some lasers and if you get your opponent, you get points. The one with the most points wins.

Something else you can do is go to “tardeadas. There are all kinds of them, you just have to know where and when, and they’re really fun, you meet a lot of people and you get to dance. They have music and food and game stands, and are usually held in the afternoon. That’s why they’re called “tardeadas“, because “tarde” means “afternoon”.

In my next column, I’ll talk about emotions and how to control your nerves, and we’ll get into details about the first date.

See you in the next edition!