According to the Office of the United States  Trade Representative:

Mexico is currently our 3rd largest goods trading partner with $531 billion in total (two way) goods trade during 2015. Goods exports totaled $236 billion; Goods imports totaled $295 billion. The U.S. goods trade deficit with Mexico was $58 billion in 2015.

The US is Mexico’s largest supplier. Of all Mexico imports, 46% are from the United States. Mexico was the United States’ 2nd largest goods export market in 2016.

Following are the most important exports from the US to Mexico.

Machinery  $42 Billion 

Electrical Machinery  $41 Billion 

Vehicles & Vehicle Parts $21 Billion

Mineral Fuels  $20 Billion (Gasoline, natural gas)

Medical Instruments $12 Billion

Plastics $16 Billion

Textiles  4.13 Billion

Agricultural Products  $18 Billion  (Corn, soybeans, dairy products, pork, beef, apples, malt, margarine)

Services $31.1 Billion (travel, transport, intellectual property)

Weapons 19.8 Million

Chemical Products $13.4 Billion


In addition, numerous US companies such as Ford, Chrysler, Procter& Gamble, CocaCola, Kimberly Clark, IBM, Walmart, Starbucks to name a few, have a business presence in Mexico that is not reflected in the net benefit of the US doing business with Mexico.