In recreating the passion and death of Christ, not one person is a professional actor, but this doesn’t matter, the purpose is to offer all of one’s energy to God, observing the Catholic tradition as closely as possible, with suffering and courage, but above all, with a great deal of enthusiasm and love.

Semana Santa in Mexico

The Passion of Iztapalapa was first performed a long time ago, in the year 1833, when a cholera epidemic laid the region low and the majority of the population died. Only a few people survived.

In thanks, and as an act of faith in the Lord of the Cave, a statue of Christ that was venerated in this place, the survivors gave the first performance of the Passion of Christ. A few actors began the tradition, without costumes or horses, and much less stage props, but being able to offer something to the Savior,  that is what was important.

Year after year, intent of making the presentation better and better, the people of the town began to organize in order to create costumes in keeping with ancient custom, representing each of the biblical passages more faithfully, including the tears and suffering.

The main reason for this presentation is to give thanks to God for having saved the community so long ago. Each of the participants, however, also has a personal reason for gratitude, and is very proud to be able to take part with the rest of town.