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From Mexico to the World: Mexican Staple Ingredients


MAMEY (Tetzonztapotl). Mamey is one of the tropics’ finest fruits. Although there are some that state that it was brought from the Antilles, it’s considered a fruit that Mexico gave to the world.  It has a red, smooth, sweet and delicate pulp. An excellent oil to nourish one’s hair is also extracted from the mamey.


PAPAYA (Chick put). Papaya grows in the Yucatan Peninsula. Many of its healing properties were discovered in ancient Mexico: a tea prepared from its leaves is excellent for combating asthma and lung diseases.

The milky juice of the unripe fruit is mixed with milk or peppermint water to combat intestinal worms. Its flesh is firm and yellow with a delicate aroma and flavor. Papaya contains an enzyme called papain, which aids in digestive problems. In the industry sector, papain is used to clarify beer, produce meat tenderizer, manufacture detergents or bleach, as well as cosmetics.

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