On the morning of January 6, all their dreams come true! In the afternoon, family and friends gather to share the “Rosca de Reyes“, which is a traditional wreath-shaped bread that is made only during the first days of January.

Rosca de Reyes

Rosca de Reyes

The Rosca is served with chocolate caliente, and tamales. Hidden inside this delicious rosca, are several small figurines, of Baby Jesus. Each person cuts a slice of the rosca, and whoever gets the baby figurine has to invite everyone present to a new party on February 2, Candelaria day.


On February second, Candelaria day, the many Baby Jesus figurines are taken from the nativity scene to the church to be blessed. Practically all the markets will restore, paint and dress these dolls for the occasion.niniodios

The nativity scene is put away on this date until the next year when the new Christmas season begins.

This marvelous season, filled with dreams and joy, ends this afternoon in a family setting! So this is how Christmas is celebrated in Mexico.

Feliz Navidad!