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Puerto Vallarta Costa Sur, The Coast of Adventure

Snorkeling and scuba diving are the star activities of Puerto Vallarta due to the variety of its beaches and underwater nooks, rich in fauna. The gentle waves of MismaloyaYelapa and Majahuitas allow you to practice snorkeling or kayaking along with family. Los Arcos National Marine Park and Las Islas offer various diving experiences–some specifically for experts–although there are also courses available for obtaining certification levels awarded by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI).

Another of the most popular activities in Puerto Vallarta is humpbacked whale-watching during the winter. These enormous and playful mammals descend from the cold northern waters to give birth to their calves. Moreover, you can watch the dolphins leaping on Bahia de Banderas’ horizon practically year-round. Speaking of dolphins,Puerto Vallarta also has aquariums where the visitor can swim and play with these marvelous creatures.


From Puerto Vallarta’s Marina, you can also take tours or excursions by yacht to different beaches with different activities: spa, snorkeling, fishing, luxury tours and romantic dining.

If the traveler is seeking a cultural experience, our recommendation is a flight to San Andrés Coamihata, a small Huichol town where a visitor can have a peek into this disconcerting culture that hangs on resolutely to conserve its identity and displays it with an art that’s full of color and magic.

There are also flights  available to Guadalajara, the state of Jalisco’s capital, a magnificent city for admiring colonial as well as contemporary architecture, going shopping, visiting museums, listening to the traditional mariachi and tasting the traditional tequila .  

Adventure & Biodiversity Puerto Vallarta

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