Tips for Enjoying Tequila

As for all alcoholic beverages, the first recommendation is the use of moderation when consuming tequila. It’s customary to accompany white tequila with salt, lemon and“sangrita”: a preparation of tomato juice, lemon, orange, Tabasco and Worcestershire sauces. If it’s reposado or añejo, The Tequila Regulatory Council recommends serving it in Riedel glasses, in order to release all its aromas and flavors.

The “caballito” (little horse) is the small shot-glass traditionally used to serve tequila. Tequila shot glasses size are similar in form to the the bull horns of yesteryear, once used in tequila factories to taste the liquor fresh from the distillation process.

In addition to the large variety of tequila-based cocktails, among which margaritas and the tequila sunrise are the most popular, there are currently various tequila-based liqueurs and creams with other ingredients such as fruit or the traditional “cajeta” or milk caramel. It’s also an excellent way to drink tequila for those with delicate palates.

Today, proposals are being made for the pairing of tequila and Mexican cuisine, as both have an intense character with many different nuances. Due to its freshness, white tequila pairs well with fish and seafood, reposado is the perfect companion for mole poblano or chile en nogada, while añejo tequila offers the ideal complexity for extra-spicy dishes, such as the Yucatan’s roast suckling pig in pibil sauce.

Other pairing proposals have joined tequila to the pleasure of enjoying chocolate, as well as the best añejo and extra-añejo tequilas with Cuba’s famous cigars.

Connoisseurs recommend drinking white tequila at a temperature of about 14ºC, 16º if its reposado, 18º if añejo and between 18º and 20º if it’s extra- añejo.

Tequila is of course the best drink to accompany Mexican food for example a delicious Mexican mole dish, Tequila Reposado when savoring a wonderful Chile en Nogada, and when enjoying  fish nothing better than white Tequila.  And what could be better than an evening spent among friends, good Mexican food, vibrant  Mariachi music and a great Tequila to crown it all…a delightful evening  “a la Mexicana”¡Salud(Cheers!)

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