Quetzalcóatl then focused his efforts in teaching the Toltecs how to obtain the grains, toast and grind them. Later he taught his people how to mix the ground cocoa with water to produce a delicious beverage now known as chocolate.

It is said that the Toltecs were then transformed into powerful people thanks to that delicious and energizing beverage!


Toltec Atlantes

Toltec Atlantes

Oh but what fury was felt by the other gods when they realized what Quetzalcoatl had done and how much the Toltecs had achieved thanks to the chocolate beverage!

Their anger and envy was so great that they swore to destroy Quetzalcóatl and punish the Toltecs. They just couldn’t live with the idea of those lesser people drinking their powerful beverage! 


A few days later, Tezcatlipoca, enemy of Quetzalcóatl, transformed himself into a pulque seller (pulque is a fermented agave cactus juice) . He approached Quetzalcóatl and offered him the drink, telling him that the beverage was delicious and would take away all his troubles.