Quetzalcóatl trusting the seller, drank the pulque and obviously got drunk.  

The nest day, when he realized what had happened he felt unbearably ashamed and  humiliated, not only for getting drunk but also for having fallen to the envy and hatred of the other gods. 


Dishonored and ashamed, Quetzalcóatl decided to disappear from the earth permanently.  

As he was leaving he noticed that almost all the cocoa trees,  which were so lovingly cared for by the Toltecs, were completely dry.   The other gods corroded with envy, tried to  exterminate all cocoa trees from the face of the earth.  

Sad, Quetzalcoatl drew his eyes to the soil and realized that there were still a few fertile seeds.   He carefully picked them up and took them with him.


Cacao Fruit & Seeds

Cacao Fruta y Semillas

When he passed through Tabasco (a Mexican state on the Gulf of Mexico) , he planted them in fertile soil. To  date, it is in the area of Tabasco where beautiful, strong cocoa trees still grow!