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Category Archives: Food

Pastel de las Tres Leches

Category : Food Date : May - 30 - 22 Posted by : May

In recent times the Tres Leches cake or Pastel de las Tres Leches became one of the most popular Mexican Desserts.  It is a sponge cake in many recipes, or a butter cake, soaked in three kinds of milk (thus the name of Tres Leches): evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy whipping cream. P Read More

Tequila The Landscape, History & Taste of Mexico

Category : Food Date : Feb - 27 - 22 Posted by : Angie Galicia

Spanish The Essence of Tequila Tequila is the national drink of Mexico and is certainly one of the most popular spirit beverages in the world. Tequila is made from blue agave. Agave is a plant species that instantly brings to mind images of Mexico and represents the essence of being Mexican.  F Read More

Pan de Muerto ~ Day of the Dead Bread

Category : Food Date : Oct - 15 - 20 Posted by : Inside Mexico

Ingredients1½ cups Flour  ½ cups Sugar 1t Salt 2 Packets Dry Yeast 1t Anis Seed ½ cup Milk½ cup Water½ cup Butter4  Eggs 4½ cups Flour Instructions   Mix all dry ingredients together except the 4 1/2 cups of flour   In a sm Read More

Dulces Tradicionales Mexicanos

Category : Food Date : Jan - 01 - 15 Posted by : May Herz

Los dulces típicos Mexicanos ademas de deliciosos son también una obra de arte culinario. Coloridos, incorporando tradiciones coloniales y prehispánicas son un reflejo de nuestra rica cultura. He aquí algunos de los dulces mas populares. 1.Pepitorias Las pepitorias están elaboradas con oble Read More

Pre-Columbian Mexican Cuisine: 300 Meals a Day to Choose From

Category : Food Date : Oct - 08 - 13 Posted by : May

Spanish During pre-Hispanic times, the territory which today comprises Mexico was a mosaic of many cultures, all very different from each other.   These included not only the Mayan civilization in the Yucatan Peninsula and the Mexica in the Valley of Mexico, but also the Za Read More

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