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Category Archives: Los Reyes Magos

  Los Reyes Magos

¡Ya Vienen Los Reyes Magos! The Three Wise Men Are Coming!

The Three Wise Men Day    Dia de ReyesAfter New Year's Day, Mexican families still have a very special date to commemorate and enjoy.  On January 6, most of the Hispanic world & culture celebrates El Dia De Reyes, the Epiphany, remembering the day when the Three Wise Men following the star t... Read More

  Los Reyes Magos

Rosca de Reyes Recipe

The Merienda de Reyes is truly a multicultural event.  The Spaniards brought the tradition of celebrating the Epiphany and sharing the Rosca to the New World.  The Rosca is served along with Tamales, made of corn which was the pre-Hispanic food per excel lance, and hot chocolate. Cho... Read More

  Los Reyes Magos

Traditional Song: Ya Vienen Los Reyes Magos

Ya vienen los Reyes Magos ya vienen los Reyes Magos caminito de Belén olé, olé, Holanda y olé Holanda ya se ve Cargaitos de jugetes cargaitos de jugetes para el Niño de Belén olé, olé, Holanda y olé Holanda ya se ve Qué cargados van qué cargados van los camellos rebozan jug... Read More

  Los Reyes Magos

Three Kings Day

Three Kings Day Los Reyes Magos

During the era of the kings of France, bread was filled with a lima bean, and the person who found it in his bread would receive the gift that His Highness had prepared for the event.  The idea was to place a lima bean in the bread dough, which was usually filled with fruits like dates and raisins,... Read More

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