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  Hispanic Flags

The Flag of Peru

Red: The blood of the heroes White : Peace Freedom and Justice The flag of Peru was adopted on March 7, 1825.   The Peruvian flag has three vertical stripes of equal dimensions. Two red stripes border the central white band.  The red ones represent the blood of the Incas and the patr... Read More

  Hispanic Flags

The Flag of Honduras

Blue Stripes: Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea Blue Stars:  5 original Central American provinces White Stripe: Patriotism and Peace The flag of Honduras was  adopted on March 7, 1866.   The Honduran flag has three stripes of equal dimensions. Two blue stripes border the central whi... Read More

  Hispanic Flags

The Flag of Colombia

Yellow: Rich natural resources,  sovereignty Blue: The sky and seas of Colombia Red: The blood of the Independence heroes The Colombian Flag has three stripes. The yellow stripe is double the size of the other two bands. In olden times the yellow band symbolized the unity of the s... Read More

  Hispanic Flags

The Flag of Argentina

Sky Blue: Argentina's sky  Yellow Gold: Eternity White:  Unity, Silver The flag of Argentina, was designed by Manuel Belgrano in 1812. Belgrano was  a lawyer, and military leader that took part in Argentina's war of independence.  The colors were inspired by the Argentinean  ... Read More

  Hispanic Flags

The Flag of The Dominican Republic

Red Squares: The blood of the heroes. Blue Squares: Represents Progress and Freedom White Cross: Unity and Peace The current flag of the Dominican Republic was flown for the first time on February 27, 1844, day of the Dominican independence. The Dominican flag has in the middle a whi... Read More

  Hispanic Flags

The Flag of Cuba

Red Triangle: The blood of those who fought to free the nation Blue Stripes: Represent  the 3 regions the country was divided into during the Spanish rule White Star: Independence White Stripes: The Purity of the patriotic struggle The current flag of Cuba was created in 1849 and of... Read More

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