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Oaxaca Artistic Heart of Mexico

              Oaxaca occupies a fundamental place in the universe of Mesoamerican civilizations.  It is the point of encounter between the Nahuan towns of the central plateau, the Mayans of the Yucatan Peninsula, and the ancient inhabitants off the coast of the Gulf of Mexic... Read More


Mexican Currency Bills & Coins Billetes y Monedas Mexicanas

The Mexican currency is called Peso and its symbol is $.  The Peso and the US Dollar have both its origin in the 15th-19th century Spanish dollar.  The peso was originally the name of the eight real coins issued in Mexico by  Spain and the first currency to use the $ symbol. Its ISO code... Read More


Puerto Vallarta Costa Sur, The Coast of Adventure

Spanish Leaving behind the Marina and hotel zone of Old Puerto Vallarta, we sail into Bahia de Banderas. Costa Sur (the Southern Coast) stretches out before the eyes of the traveler, Puerto Vallarta’s adventurous horizon, where the sea melts into the Sierra Madre Occidental mountain rang... Read More


Mexican Embassy & Consulates

Embajada de México en Estados Unidos.  Mexican Embassy in USA 1911 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W. Washington D.C., 20006 . (202) 728-1600 Conmutador Fax: (202) 728-1698 Email: Web:   Consulados Mexicanos en Estados Unidos    Mexican Con... Read More


Palenque History Engraved in Stone

Spanish Well hidden within the jungles of Chiapas, the great Mayan city of Palenque may almost seem like a dream to you. That may be because there’s nothing as surreal as its beautiful buildings emerging from the mist. You have to touch those moss-covered walls with the dew dripping from them t... Read More


Adventure & Biodiversity In: Puerto Vallarta

Spanish Puerto Vallarta’s rich natural resources come from the exuberant forests of the Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range; scatter through the gray, gold and white sands to finally submerge themselves in Bahía de Banderas, thus creating ideal sites for an intense contact with natur... Read More

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